Out of the Blue Marketing is passionate about helping small businesses thrive against the giant that is corporate America. We understand that overhead, payroll, taxes, and limited marketing dollars are problems real businesses face everyday, and take pride in offering a service to them that actually makes them money instead of just draining the bank.

As part of our commitment to directional advertising, we specialize in making sure that our clients are easily found in the places people who are actively looking for their products/services are shopping. The days of the phone book may be dead for many communities, but between Anna Maria Island and Lido Key they’re thriving! A directory works well in this area due to poor cell service, a booming tourist industry, and a multitude of senior citizens calling this area home. In an attempt to help connect the tourists, locals, and businesses in the area, we work with the Chambers of Commerce, local businesses and vacation rental owners to gather all of the restaurant menus, beach information, shopping and activities and more into ONE directory. It’s more Eco-friendly and cost effective for business owners than printing all of those rack cards etc. and trying to cram them into all of the the lobbies and fridge doors in town. It’s more reliable than cell service for everyone in the area, replacing the need for searching online for “food near me”, and is neatly organized by heading for nearly everything you could ever want to find on the islands. This directional approach offers a handsome return on investment for the biz owners, and enables us to distribute the book at no cost to the public!

This is the 2nd year we have gone direct to the consumer, handling all sales, design, print, and delivery and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We just recently distributed a book to every door, and are thrilled with how well it was received. Due to “season” springing earlier, we will begin sales earlier as well, and invite you to join in on the fun this year! Advertising space in the Island Comber is more affordable than any other medium in town, and is a great asset to everyone involved. We’re offering FREE consultations, and gearing up for another great year, so let us know if you’re interested!

Supporting the local businesses in the area is vital to the success of our community, and we sincerely appreciate your involvement. Find everything you’re looking for such as dentists, hair stylists, restaurants and more by visiting islandcomber.com or contacting us to request your own copy of the book.

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